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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here



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  • haha. Sorry I was being nosy. Great project. Also definitely a woocommerce plugin would be great.
    in mmanager-pos Comment by danmcr July 2019
  • I will continue to work on it.
  • Maybe on the completely wrong path on editing this file, but check out the following: I copied the file to edit it.
  • Perfect. I'm working on the language file today.
  • I will work on this over next day or so and keep you updated. Thank you
  • Hello. Ok, I've had a read through the file. Please see attached a word doc, with proposed changes to the en_gb lang file. Not sure if what I've done is acceptable but its a base to start from. I still need to go through it more fully and edit…
  • Will do thanks.
  • Please bear with me as I not a big user of GitHib so unfamiliar of how it works fully.
  • Had a quick look and I will look at making some changes. Thank you for your hard work. I will help where I can.
  • Great.
    in Requests Comment by danmcr June 2019
  • Thank you. I will await the file and return it once done.
  • Ability to see if the invoice/quote has been viewed. Client last login.
    in Requests Comment by danmcr June 2019
  • File attachments to clients. I.e for contracts or letters sent.
    in Requests Comment by danmcr June 2019
  • Hi, Thanks for this request. I am adding a Support Tracking option for people who bill hours of services at home or office for example. There will be a record sheet to save any job done. I can add later this option. thanks Eric How did you get on…
  • A calendar module where i can create events and link it to a client would be great. Second this. This would be useful where a service is sold and an event could be added to the calendar such as service install date etc.
  • Could a barcode be added to an invoice. This is more of an individual need.
    in Requests Comment by danmcr June 2019
  • Something similar, maybe a check box with text saying "I accept the terms and conditions of business (link or pop up)"
  • It would be nice to have a notes section for each invoice that is for internal use. A note that shows on the admin panels "All invoices" page and does not go on the invoice itself. Private notes thingy... Sort of. Second that
  • Hi Eric. I have few suggestions regarding the mmanager. I would love to have the possibility to print the invoices and the quotes right after saving them, instead of going back to the invoices or quotes menu and print them from there . And last. …
  • Tickets or support requests for clients. Add notes with time and date stamp on clients.
    in Requests Comment by danmcr June 2019
  • Hi, Thanks for your reply. Sometimes errors are made, or for whatever reason the invoice needs to be removed/deleted. Currently I would need to go into MySQL database to remove data. Thanks.
  • @frans said: I think danmcr is reffering to something like this setup! That's exactly what I was referring to
  • Great!
  • I will try and edit the language a bit more so other people can maybe use it, as it stands the language, such as field names are custom to what I would use them for. Thanks.
    in UK Language Comment by danmcr June 2017


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