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Hello m'Managerians !
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Db error on first install

Hi. Nice work :)

I just bought your plugin.
I try to install the version 2 (clean install) to start work but always i get this error.

A Database Error Occurred
Error Number: 1060

Duplicate column name 'proforma_number'

ALTER TABLE oc_proforma CHANGE COLUMN invoice_number proforma_number varchar(20)

Filename: libraries/EzSQL_codeigniter.php

Line Number: 110

On refresh system works but i dont know if this a problem for later use.


  • Also after i update the plugin from backend i get this error

    Error Number: 1005

    Can't create table `mydb_invoice`.`oc_proformaitems` (errno: 150 "Foreign key constraint is incorrectly formed")

    ALTER TABLE `oc_proformaitems` ADD CONSTRAINT `fk_proforma` FOREIGN KEY (`proforma_number`) REFERENCES `oc_proforma` (`proforma_number`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE NO ACTION

    Filename: libraries/EzSQL_codeigniter.php

    Line Number: 112
  • Hi @choulio19 ,
    As you are starting fresh, maybe will be better to fix initial issue. Clear your browser cache, then remove your database tables. there is a constraint on invoices and purchases. So, select and delete all will not remove them. This is for security. You can use the sql file in install/assets/

    Or you can tell me when we can do a Anydesk session to assist. Let me know
  • I remove your previous message, because it exposes your anydesk ID. All migration was done, but the warning on oc_purchases cause issue adding this ADD `repair_number` VARCHAR(20) DEFAULT NULL,
    So if you reinstall the system, just run this in sql tab

    ALTER TABLE `oc_purchases` ADD `repair_number` VARCHAR(20) DEFAULT NULL
    oc_purchaseitems` ADD `repair_number` VARCHAR(20) DEFAULT NULL

    Please play with all other features and let me know. I am adding your custom field
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