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Hello m'Managerians !
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Data not exporting [solved]

edited June 2017 in Bugs Report

Hi Managerians,
Thanks to saurabh for pointing out this issue. Here is a quick fix before the official update.
=> If your comfortable with code...
1. just open application/modules/templates/views/layout.php
2. Navigate to line 395 and paste this code after the closing </script> <script src="<?php echo __js('/oc_contents/theme/scripts/mmanager/tableExport.js'); ?>" type="text/javascript"></script>
3. Save, clear your browser cache and you are done !

=> if you prefer uploading a new copy of layout.php
1. Download the attached file layout.txt. Rename it to layout.php and upload it to replace application/modules/templates/views/layout.php
2. Clear your browser cache and start exporting ;-)

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