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Hello m'Managerians !
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Count clients

edited June 2017 in Features Request

Hi Managerians,
A user asked for a way to get clients count. He wants to get all active/inactive clients for a given period. The next release will integrate this request. But if you hate waiting, here is a non-official code to achieve this.
1. Download the functions_helper.php.txt file attached to this message
2. Rename it to functions_helper.php and upload it to application/helpers/ to replace the current file. You are DONE !
3. The function literal is count_clients($status, $period=null) . So you can now use anywhere this code <?php echo count_clients('all', 'this_month'); ?> It will return an integer.

Note that the options available are:
$status: all, active, inactive
$period: this_month, last_month, this_year, last_year

If you are comfortable with php and mysql, you can set a more flexible date range with a dynamic calendar. Don't hesitate to post here your code. Let's Build Together a Great App !



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