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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here

m'Manager 2.0 Features Request



  • Suggestions for new features:
    Usage of different currencies and tax rates for invoicing, billing sales- and purchase orders
    Messaging, Tickets, E-Mail Piping
    Custom Fields
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your request. Item tax can be added while creating item. If you mean additional tax, this feature is coming. you can see it here, on dev server
    email: [email protected]
    pwd 123456789

    Then open this link
    Let me know if it what you mean.
    This additional tax can be added to invoice for now. I am not ready for quote...
  • Hi,
    First of all, thanks for this "quickie".
    This what I mean.
    However, two things are not clear to me:
    When creating an invoice or another document where tax is involvd, It should be possible to select one of the available tax rates. I assume this will be available in a future release ...
    Tax criteria. Please, clarify how to use this. In my case, when creating an invoice I can have multiple items/services. For instance 3 products with Tax Rate A en 2 services with Tax Rate B. Per item, I must be able to enter the amount, the corresponding Tax Rate and the total price. At the end of the invoice I must be able to specify the total amount of Tax Rate A, of Tax Rate B and the general price. See attachment. Tax is called BTW in Holland.
    Regards, Eric
    EB.jpg 114.8K
  • Hi,
    Oh so something is not clear. It does all this. You are from Belgium ?
    You can add item tax when creating item or live add on invoice. And invoice template 4 helps organize taxes. I have a ready to use invoice template for Belgium. Let me know.

  • Hello,

    I'm from The Netherlands.

    I will take a look.

  • I noticed that when you use the timer, for each activated task a new invoice can generated.

    what about to group all timer’s tasks when they belong to same customer?

    I’d like to have a full daily/monthly/whatever report to be placed in a SINGLE invoice for each customer.

    IE: Customer 1 Task 1 – bla bla bla – hours – total Task 2 – bla bla bla – hours – total

    IE: Customer 2 Task 1 – bla bla bla – hours – total Task 2 – bla bla bla – hours – total

    and so on…

    thanks for your attention.
  • Hi @area97 ,

    I am about to release invoice overdue reminders. Once done this week, I will work on this request.
    Thanks for posting

  • Great! thanks for taking time to consider the new feature. I need to report to some customers the list of jobs done, this implementation it's really useful to me. I can keep track of every job done and time needed, so I'll be also be able to adjust prices accordingly ;)
    thank you very much again, I can't wait to see the new feature added!
  • Hi @area97 ,
    Thanks for posting here. As I did not anticipated such a feature, I just used a json file to record timers and operate locally. So I spent time thinking to the way I could implement your request. Here is the logic I found better.
    We actually use the checkbox to start timers, so I can't use it to select tasks to merge. So I added a button as you can see on the screenshot. This way, a modal appears where you can select tasks. These tasks will be saved on database, so that invoice process can get them and display them as note on pdf. Let me know if this can be a good idea.


  • Eric, seems the right way to operate to me. Go on ;)
  • area97 said:

    Eric, seems the right way to operate to me. Go on ;)

    Ok, great. I am done with database logic. i think you will need to send me coffees for all this job :-)
  • Hi mate,
    I am done with your request. Just need to refine code, add validations, check if same client, add css and display data on invoice. But core function are done. You can test and play with it on dev server here;

    url =
    email: [email protected]
    pwd: 123456789

    Waiting for your inputs and coffeeeeeeeeeees :smile:
  • Hi @area97 ,
    Just pushed first steps of your request. Let me know what you think.

  • Hi Eric
    Is it possible to add anoter section for services, like a repair centre?
    I'm intersted to have an Ticketing option. To create Repair forms for the clients, trackable trough the portal using an automating generated Repair number. I'm having a repair centre for electronica and i'm already using some incomplete and unstable system.
    So what i ask is a Repair section with
    Add repair with model serial number, reference, automaticaly generated rep number, Complaint and diagnostic,
    Also An option to add technicians that they will work on it
    add client
    add business client
    walk in client
    Automated emails to customer informing him about the status of the repair
    repair statuses from recived, waithing for technician, if possible customizable by me .

    Basically is the a modified version of "orders/ sales from the ecommerce section of m'manager.

    Thank you
  • Hi @feo,
    Thanks for posting your request. I value all real users input. As I told you, I did already such a feature. I have to do some adjuments and should be ok.
    Please log in to the dev server at with default credentials [email protected] and 123456789 then click on this link...and enjoy :-)

    Let me know
  • Hi
    Thank you for this fast reply!
    What you sent me it’s a really good start.
    I have have attached some pictures of the repair section of my actual system and how the repair form looks like. Basically i need all those fields. Some of them with an potion to add, like model or type of device .
    It does’t have to look like that, but i need the fields. Also this form should be printable, so the client can use it to pick up his repair.
    Thank you

  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting details here. I have looked your laboplus home page and I think it will be better to build a custom module to handle all details. I will build it.
  • That's great .Thank you. I've sent some cofee for the start. How else would you have the energy to work? :wink:
  • feo said:

    That's great .Thank you. I've sent some cofee for the start. How else would you have the energy to work? :wink:

    haha, thanks @feo, I start ASAP. stay tuned !
  • Hi @feo,

    I will finally use my current layout to speed up development. I add your fields and based on repair type some field will be hidden or shown. Not working yet, but just to show you I work on it. Connect and open this link

    Don't worry about tickets list for now. Database is not up to date.

  • Nice Thank you!
    Few sugestions: The Case, Charger, Home Button Working, Power, Working Audio Working, These they can be in a separate tab or window Called TEST before and after, Where we shoul have also some short comment section regardint the test. This shoul be printable as well
    At Client section, if possible, please add an option Walk In Client, For this type of client i can only enter name adress tell and email but the name does't need login credetials . Apart from this add Business custommers and B2B custommers. Also The status i wish i could be able to add some more with an option of automatic email. This in an example of automatic email :

    Dear %customer%, Your repair %model% was received by %businessname%. You can check the status of your repair at %site_url%. Repair code: %statuscode%

    Where ther words between the % % reprezent the fields in the repair sheet. This option is super usefull because if the client is kept informed over the status, he won't call too much asking for the status
    In one of the XXXX fielsd you can add Reference Filed, where i can type the repair number of the B2B client for example. This is importatnt for the business clients
    A dropdown list with premade list of the standard repairs , with an easy option to add new one if is not already in the premade list.
    And an option to upload a picture in the device has some serious visible damage

    I'm so happy with your work so far. Thank yuo again!
  • Hi,
    Yes many things you said are planned, like scanned emails notifications and other things. I will add options to enable/disable features and on activation other options will be given. Feel free your thoughts here. In fact I saw a more advanced app to manage repairs and I am stealing their ideas :-)
    But note that because it is already on the official source, I have to release step by step so that other people won’t wait too long
  • Can't wait to see the next update. :smiley:
  • edited January 2019
    Hum, a clean new work in progress. Don't worry all will be added. I just draw the new page
  • well, Eric, about the coffee... to be honest, I'm not using your script because my accountant gave me her's for free. anyway I purchased one year assistance when I purchased your script... <3
  • area97 said:

    well, Eric, about the coffee... to be honest, I'm not using your script because my accountant gave me her's for free. anyway I purchased one year assistance when I purchased your script... <3</p>

    Hi @area97 ,
    Oh it does not matter. This was a nice feature and i was happy to impement it. If you could post here what features your new script has, it would be nice ;-)
    Have a great day !!
  • edited January 2019
    Hi there,

    Work in progress, play with new option and fields. Not done yet, but...not so bad, calendar, appoitment etc... :-) You may need to clear your browser to see js interaction to hide/display fields.
  • Looking good so far. Still need some more fields, like imei , brand, model, code, reference, repair statuses but it looks promissing
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