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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here

Ability to add lot number

Hi. i would like to have one more column when i make an invoice. Next to the product (or somewhere else) to have an extra column in which i can add a custom text like "abcd-1234". I want this to add at my products a lot number. So if someone has a problem with products to say me the lot number to check if is a general option. Is possible? Thanks


  • Hi @choulio19 ,

    Ok, as I promised to help, I will install a separate branch and add it this afternoon. You will need to add this template in theme custom folder so updates won't break it. I will tell you how
  • Hi @choulio19 ,

    Just finished to add this feature to Invoice and Quote. All seem to be working great.

    Template files are prepared for Order but not implemented yet.
    As this causes lot of changes in views, business logic and database, I strongly advice you to:


    I will push next days the last update for this version, because CodeIgniter seems to be dead for years. I am rewriting all the app under Symfony Framework with more modern PHP ressources.

    Let me know if you need to display new fiels on invoice PDF.
    Also make sure the notification folder is writtable. I don't get emails body, just the pdf

  • edited April 2020
    Eric thanks for your support.
    I made backup of files and db.

    Yes should be visible at invoice also.

    notification folder has 0755 permissions.

    You said that you will change from CodeIgniter to Symfony Framework.

    I can wait until then if you think it will be better.

    Also i want to have only 2 languages at dropdown menu. Where could i change this?
    Thanks for now


    Also i make changes like date format. i want like dd/mm/yyyy
    I save it and it doesnt affect. Is the old format. Also i add taxes and on settings it says that i dont have any taxes.

  • You did not do it the right way. You entered tax for additional taxes. In some countries, additional tax apply after or before vat. This is set on Additional tax tab and available only on invoice page, when you create new or edit

    - you can add tax when creating item, then define a default tax in Region/format
    - Don't worry for date format, will render correctly on documents.
    - For languages, I guess you want greek and english. I did it
  • Current version is mature and no issue has been reported for a while. Symfony will be a new app. I won't be done for months.
    Stay tuned
  • Added Lot number to invoice pdf for layout 4. This is a html layout people love because easy to edit. So use this one, tcpdf option for layout 1 is harder to edit.
  • Eric good morning. i started do tests.

    Is possible to have the 'lot' field at proforma, quotes and credit notes?

    Also i made a refund for test but when i create a new invoice for the same client the credit is 0.

    What i missed?

  • Hi,
    Yes, you did not read informations on refund page. When you make a credit note, m'Manager copies the whole invoice to refund tab but does not anything as it can't know if you refund for a specific item. So you have to open the credit note and do what you want. Before saving, you have option to add amount to client's account or not. Some will ask for fresh cash. Then save and all fine :smiley:

    Lot is already added to quotes
  • Thanks for your reply Eric. Do you know why this happens?

    i installed the update about fonts you told me. Thanks
  • The guy who helped me for greek is so busy that language file is not up to date. I learnt greek, but not enough to translate all strings. The easiest solution is to open the template file and write on the html file. all templates are in themes/darkblue/default/modules...
    By the way, lot is added to proforma

  • Ah ok Eric. I will try to translate and i will send you to have it.
  • edited April 2020
    Good Morning Eric. Coffee is on the way.

    About template i told you before is not wrong translated. Is broken from font or something else.
    When you have a little time send me to see a few things to close it.

    Also i made many changes at Greek language that was wrong and added more translations. I will send it when i end.
  • @akaffoueric where can i find these template because the problem with language is not from the translation but from this template. Because when i use other template it works ok. also is possible to change me the Lot# word with this lot_number because i added it for translation. Thanks
  • Hi @choulio19 ,

    Sorry for the delay. All views files are under themes/modules/ folders. Your template is invoice_tpl_4.php, quote_tpl_4.php etc
  • Just saw your coffee. Thanks mate. :D :D
  • Its ok Eric. When you have a little time (about 10 mins) tell me to send you my anydesk to see together a few things to close the project. Also when i end i will send you the Greek language. I made many changes and added translation
  • 374 012 773 any desk. pls login :)
  • edited April 2020
    Hi Eric i made some changes at pdf layout and seems to work. At tests i found 2 issues.

    First at proforma when i add more products the extra columns seems to broke. See attach1
    The second is when i create a new invoice the discount per product calculates wrong. Especially when i add a discount as amount. See pic2.
    I added 5 euro and returned 500%

    What can i do for this?
  • Hi,
    Ok will look. I probably forgot to update the js. As it uses array keys, adding a new row causes index to be wrong. Are my ftp access available ?
  • Yes all are ok. Also Eric i stacked with something. I work on your demo .
    I made an invoice. See pic.

    We have the subtotal which is ok.
    The total shouldnt be the subtotal - credit or i miss something?

    When you use the credits that has a customer from refunds or returns, shouldn't that be deducted from the total amount he has to pay?
  • Oh, I don't know if I understand your question, but line subtotal MUST take into account all discounts so that one can sum up results without having to redo maths. So qty 1000; price 1 = 1000 -100 = 900
    Discount sum shown is for information. Because other items may have discounts. This line sum up all discounts
    If confusing, you can rename first Subtotal to Line total

    Yes, when credit used, the final amount shows amount due. If not, layout may not be up to date. Check while editing the invoice.

    Let me know if I misunderstood what you mean
  • Just checked, all fine. Paid invoice shows 800. No need to split payments
    Thanks for reporting, I will add option for people who may need to show remaining amount line.
  • Yes i will try to explain.
    My customer Eric had his first order and he bought 300 Euros. He returned some products which costs 100 Euros.

    We made a credit note for him for 100 Euros.
    On his next order bought products with total amount 900 euros (as pic above)
    We added him his 100 euros credit from the previous order he had.
    So the invoice shouldn't be something like

    Subtotal 900
    Credit 100
    Total 800

    subtotal is from his current order
    credit it the amount from previous order
    total is the amount he has to pay.

    I just ask if i miss something. Thanks :smile:
  • Yes, this is the logic. It is fine if no tax applied. The app does the same. Just look the amounts when you create the invoice. The pdf just hide the 800 and displays raw values. When customer pays, final pdf shows 100 and 800 remaining.
  • If you really need to display that value use amount_due variable. But be careful with tax. If client has 900, tax must apply on 900 before credit.
  • Yes i missed the final (paid) pdf.
    3 questions.
    1)Is possible to make the percentage discount output something like this 10% because now is like this 10.000% and accountant say that this is not acceptable because is something like 10 thousands %?

    2) How could i have only 2 payments methods with cash the default and the bank transfer as second choice? Because i cant delete them from backend. and if i do it via phpmyadmin it loose the translation.

    3) Where i can make it https? I have an ssl. I do it via htaccess without luck.

    Thanks again
  • The 0000 does not have any consequences. You should read the helper text. This is for precision on compute when dealing with price like 9.99 etc. Final pdf displays 2 digits, if not just surround your amount with floatvalue(...)
    Don’t remove the payment methods. Their IDs are used to uniquely identifies payments and refunds. If you don’t use, it doesn’t matter. You will break something by removing too much.
    The app is ready for ssl. Try something like this

    RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

    Update domain part
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