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Hello m'Managerians !
What do you think m'Manager 2.0 should be ? What features SHOULD or MUST be implemented right now ! Request or Vote here

Few more requests... Similar, custom css, filter

* Copy an invoice as a template for new invoice. “Add similar” is the thingy called on my previous system. Basically if an invoice has many rows, this makes it much easier to create a new invoice with the same rows for a new invoice and only edit the required rows.

* Edit/save the default amount or rows shown on list pages. Default is now 10, but it would be nice to be able to set it to a higher number, since we have many more unpaid invoices to show normally.

* A simple filter system to show only invoices with specific status. For example only show unpaid or paid invoices in list. This way you get a nice overview of the unpaid invoices. And even add a total unpaid invoices sum, below the list. Also gives a nice overview of amount still to be received by customers.

* A custom CSS file, where custom CSS can be added, which will not be overwritten when updating.

*** Plus if possible, have the selected columns saved in list view. We can now select which columns to show, status, due date, amount and so on, but it does not get saved. This is not really necessary, but woud be nice.

Thanks again for a very nice system.
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