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Hello m'Managerians !
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Cannot import clients with åäö

When importing clients with nordic letters, they get the wrong encoding.


  • Hi,
    Thanks for posting here. I will try to reproduce the issue. Stay tuned
  • Hi, can you try this fix ?

    Open application>helpers>mm_standalone_helper.php and paste this code à the end of the file

    if ( ! function_exists('replcSpecChar')) { function replcSpecChar($string){ $string = str_replace("æ", "æ", $string); $string = str_replace("ø", "ø", $string); $string = str_replace("å", "å", $string); $string = str_replace("Æ", "Æ", $string); $string = str_replace("Ø", "Ø", $string); $string = str_replace("Å", "Å", $string); return $string; } }

    Then open application>modules>upload>controllers>Upload.php and locate public function upload_csv() and go to case 'customer': and edit name_company to look like this 'name_company' => replcSpecChar($value['name_company']),

    Then try again and let me know.

  • Doesn't really work for me. Get an error while importing.
    But I left it and edited the 83 clients in the database instead. Didn't take too long... :blush:

    So, "bug" still there for us who wants to import clients with nordic letters.
  • Ok. Can you send me one or two demo name so I test ?
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